Across all features, tools and services on this website, no requests are made to third party servers or services for advertising, tracking or any other purposes. No data whatsoever is stored for more than 25 hours, including logs. No analytics software is used whatsoever. There are no adverts.

Infinity whiteboard

The Infinity whiteboard provides an option to sync data between teacher and student computers and other devices. Data sent via my servers depends on that option.

When you choose "Don't sync (yet)"

Selecting this option when opening the infinity whiteboard means no data is sent off your device to my or any other server whatsoever. However as a result, you also can't access that same data from other devices. You can still save the whiteboard to your device as a .iwb file to open again from your device in the future.

When you choose to join a room in order to sync

Selecting this option when opening the infinity whiteboard requires you to provide a room code and an optional 'secret'. Data added to your whiteboard is accessible by anyone who knows your room code and optional 'secret' - I suggest adding a good 'secret' to ensure no one else accesses your data. If you choose a room code of, say, "K15" without a secret, it will be incredibly trivial for someone else to access your data during your lessons.

Any data added to your whiteboard when you are in a room will be sent via my server in order to sync with other devices also in your room. That data is wholly limited to: your room code and 'secret'; annotations which you draw; photos and PDFs you may choose to add to the whiteboard.

Because there are no user accounts, your name, email address, password and other personal details are not sent to my server, unless you choose to add them within the whiteboard itself, for example as annotations, photos or in PDFs. I do not suggest using a password you use anywhere else as your 'secret', and you can change your 'secret' at any time. Like any other data, your room code and 'secret' are never stored for more than 25 hours.

Settings and limited other data is stored locally in your web browser's local storage, including your room code and 'secret'. You can clear these at any time if desired.

Fixed-sized whiteboard

The standalone fixed-size whiteboard is similar to the infinity whiteboard in terms of your privacy, with a couple of slight variations. There is no option to not sync, so you are always in a room, with no option to not sync. 'Secret' is called 'passcode' and is accessible via settings when in a room. In terms of data and your privacy, apart from these differences, everything else is as per the infinity whiteboard above.

Whiteboard Chrome extension

When you use my whiteboard Chrome extension to allow annotating over any website, no data will be sent to my servers at all. No personal or other data is collected. The extension adds an element to all pages you visit which allows you to draw/annotate over those pages locally. No network requests are made at all.

Other features and tools

No personal data is tracked at all for any other features or tools on this website.