What is this?

One massive, 400+ page PowerPoint file filled to the brim with maths worked examples, based on the book Teaching math with examples by Michael Pershan. Copy+paste the slides for a worked example into your lesson, and print student copies of each one 4-to-a-page.

What do they look like?

Each one is several slides long, usually guiding students through a method through a series of steps. Then there's a printable part, then the solutions. Here's a couple of examples of the printable part.

How do I use them?

The first few pages of the PowerPoint give you all the instructions and tips you can possibly need.

How do I get it?!

Clicky clicky Worked examples.pptx (23MB).

Where can I find more spectacular free things?

Well, I've also made a maths skills grid creator, perfect for recall starters. And an infinite whiteboard that doubles up as a visualiser, let's you teach from a tablet anywhere in the room, allows you to take quick photos of student work via your phone and they appear on the board instantly, ... and much, much more (I use it every single lesson, and it's not just for maths).

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